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Gum Disease

A Healthy Tooth
Plaque builds up gum and bone may begin to recede. Sometimes the gum recedes with the bone and sometimes it doesn't. Either way the tooth may become mobile.

Periodontal disease is a general term for a group of conditions which affect the gingiva (gums) and supporting bone of the teeth. The most common cause of periodontal disease is an accumulation of dental plaque (masses of bacteria) under the gums and between the teeth. Bleeding on brushing, soreness of the gums, changes in colour or shape, receding gums, foul odour or bad breath are a few of the indications that you may have periodontal disease.

At present, there is no cure for periodontal disease. However, treatments can be successful in helping to arrest the progress of the disease and prevent further damage. Treatment varies and depends on the severity of your disease. After examination and assessment, the initial phase of the treatment consists of home care instruction and thorough cleaning of all tooth surfaces above and below the gums. These procedures may require local anaesthesia (freezing).

The success of periodontal treatment is dependant on YOUR ABILITY to keep all tooth surfaces clean. After four to six weeks, the response of the gingiva and bone to initial treatment will be evaluated. Depending on this response, further treatments may be required. These procedures may be surgical in nature and will be explained to you in detail if they are needed.

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