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Denture Adhesives/Fixatives

Dentures should be cleaned thoroughly either with warm water or a specialist denture toothpaste. Shake off excess water. Apply the fixative however, using too much fixative may result in 'oozing'. Using smaller amounts may provide better adhesion. The amount used will vary between dentures. A good fixative applied in the morning should last all day!!

Denture Hygiene

What you need to clean your dentures (with metal parts)

Materials Required

• Plastic denture pot with lid
• Calgon Powder
• Corega Plus denture powder or tablet 
or Steradent denture powder or tables
The tablets are more convenient to use than powders. Calgon is a water softener/detergent. All are available from most chemists and supermarkets.

• Put enough cold water in the denture pot to cover denture.
• Add one quarter of a level teaspoonful of calgon powder to the water. Stir until the powder is dissolved.
• Rinse the dentures thoroughly under cold running tap water to remove all saliva and food debris etc. and place it in the cleansing solution.
• Add one Corega or Steradent tablet to the cleansing solution (or one level teaspoonful of Corega or Steradent powder).
• In the morning, or after six hours, rinse the dentures thoroughly under cold running tap water and place them in your mouth.
• Change the cleansing solution daily.
Note: Calgon makes the dentures slippery. Therefore, hold the dentures carefully when rinsing them. Run a pool of water into the hand basin before rinsing the dentures so that if they do slip they will not break.

Disregard the manufacturer’s instructions on cleansing powder and tablet containers.

What you need to clean your dentures (with no metal parts)
Please click the link below to download informational brochure on how to clean your dentures with no metal parts.

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