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Brushing (Dental Hygiene)

What is a Dental Hygienist?
A dental hygienist is a person who is qualified to:
• Scale and polish the teeth
• Apply flouride solutions and fissure sealants
• Instruct patients in oral hygiene and dental health
• Carry out diet analysis

Why do I need to visit a Dentist/Dental Hygienist?
Preventative dentistry has now reached such an advanced level, that decay and gum disease can be virtually eliminated. If you are not availing of these techniques, you are treating yourself unfairly and exposing yourself to a future of unneccessary and expensive dental treatment. Our hygienist can give you a treatment plan which could reduce or even eliminate your recurring dental problems. Our dental hygienist at Errigal Dental Clinic Donegal will look after all your dental requirments.

What is Oral Hygiene?
This is a general term for all methods of plaque removal.
These include:
• Tooth Brushing
• Flossing
• Interproximal Cleaning
• Oral Rinses

Is Gum Disease common?
95% of Irish people have some form of gum disease. This varies from slight bleeding to severe gum recession, which can lead to tooth loss.

Is there a cure for Gum Disease?
At present, no, but careful preventive treatment and a routine approach to good oral hygiene will prevent gum disease.

Brushing Teeth Correctly
1. Clean the outside of all upper teeth with short gentle vibratory back and forth strokes, paying special attention to the areas where teeth and gums meet.
2. Clean the inside of all upper teeth with the same short gentle vibratory back and forth strokes.
3. Repeat on the outside and inside surfaces of all lower teeth.
4. Cleaning the inner surfaces of both the upper and lower teeth is made easier by tilting the brush.
5. Brushing biting surface of both upper and lower teeth with short gentle vibratory back and forth strokes.

Power Brushing (Electric Tooth Brushing)
Angle the bristles at 45 degrees to the gum line. There's no need to scrub - hold the brush in position and after a few seconds sweep the bristles away from the gum. Repeat around the outer and inner surfaces of all teeth. Particularly effective inter-dentally. The whole procedure should take about 2 minutes. At Errigal Dental we recommend (and stock at very competitive prices) the use of Oral B electic tooth brushes.


Interspace Brush
Periodontal disease causes pocketing around the necks of the teeth. Left undisturbed plaque bacteria thrive in these pockets causing the pockets to deepen. A standard toothbrush is not able to access these pockets. The TePeInterspace brush can access these pockets and disrupt bacteria. Regular use will discourage disease-causing bacteria from accumulating.

At Errigal Dental we recommend (and stock at very competitive prices) ofTePeInter Dendental Products.

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