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Late Cancellations Policy
Where an appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, a cancellation fee of €15 per 15 minutes reserved will be charged to your account.




Examination, Consultation & Treatment Plan 


Standard Scale & Polish 


Examination & Cleaning 

From €10

Small X-Ray

From €40

Large X-Ray 


€75 - €95

Amalgam (Metal) Fillings

€85 - €115

Composite (White) Fllings 


Fissure Sealant

From €45


From €85



Surgical Extraction of Impacted Wisdom Tooth 

Dental Hygienist Treatments 


Comprehensive Scale & Polish

From €75

Advanced Gum/ Periodontal treatments 


Root Canal Treatment 

Price includes all x-rays, temporary dressings/fillings and final "permanent" filling.


From €299

Nite White Home Whitening 

From €495

Power Whitening 

From €550

Full Dentures 

Partial Dentures 

From €450

Acrylic Dentures 

From €850

Chrome Cobalt Denture 

From €275

Crowns and Bridges 

From €595

Crowns: Metal/Ceramic

From €675

Crowns Reinforced All Ceramic 



Ceramic Inlay/Onlay


Ceramic/porcelain Veneer



Fully Fitted including abutment, screwa and PFM Crown
Note: Our price inclused impant placement approx £1000 STR including consultation price 

Night Splints / Sports Guards 


Hard Acrylic Night Splint


Combination hard/Sport night splint 


Sports guard/Gum shield 

From €995



Clear Orthodontic Retainer (essix)

Children(16 years or younger)




Exam & Cleaning 

From €65

Extraction of deciduous tooth 

From €60

Filling deciduous tooth 

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  • The Price List is a guideline on Treatment cost. 
  • Our main priority is good patient outcomes. 
  • Cheap dentistry does not offer you the best long term results. 
  • The practice caters for all budgets, please ask in the surgery
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