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Purpose of Treatment
The replacement of missing teeth by attachment of artificial teeth to adjacent teeth by means of cemented or bonded retainers (caps or crowns). This form of treatment is called a “bridge”, “fixed bridge”, “bridgework” or “fixed prosthesis”. These terms are helpful in differentiating between a removable prosthesis (denture) which is not cemented or “fixed” in place.

Benefits of Treatment
These often complex restorations allow patients to enjoy the advantages of maintaining their teeth in a way that is very similar to having their own teeth. These benefits include, in addition to appearance and chewing considerations, an important oral health aspect. Teeth restored with crowns and bridges help significantly in preserving the facial appearance, shape, and the contour of the jaws.

Fibre Bridge
Sometimes the most sensitive way to fill a gap is to utilise fillings that already exist in adjacent teeth. These fillings are removed and matching 'wings' attached to the bridge which fit into the spaces.

Adhesive Bridge
An adhesive bridge is non destructive. A bridge is prepared and 'stuck' to the inside of the adjacent tooth.

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